SONNET is TNO's Semantic Ontology Engineering Toolset and has the goal to assist humans in developing taxonomies or ontologies.

Developing ontologies for a specific domain is an expensive and intensive task. Usually domain experts are defining the main concepts and their relations, and the ontology developer implements those in an ontology. This process takes at least multiple sessions before a basic first version of the ontology can be published. Our vision for SONNET is that we can kickstart this process by automatically generating an initial ontology based on a set of relevant documents about the domain. It is often easier to come up with a few articles or pieces of paper about a specific domain, compared to start making an ontology from a blank sheet. We have, therefore, tools that support the kickstart of an ontology, such as keyword extraction that creates a wordcloud, ontology creation that makes a graph with nodes (concepts) and edges (relations), concept matching that can compare keywords and concepts. The tool is still in progress and several projects are contributing to this toolset. The toolset is available through a website. Please contact us to get the link and login information.


  • Jack Verhoosel, Senior Scientist and Project Leader, TNO, e-mail:
  • Maaike de Boer, Scientist, TNO, e-mail: