‘ELSA’ forms an ecosystem within TNO in which we connect projects with focus on ethical, legal, and societal aspects. On this page you can find more information about the projects.

AI brings unprecedented opportunities, but also responsibilities. Many ethical, legal and societal concerns and challenges have been raised regarding the application of AI in various domains. High-over frameworks and guidelines for AI (e.g. EU AI ACT)  need to be worked out into a comprehensive set of practical requirements and methods, which can be used for the development and deployment of AI-technologies as part of the concerning (evolving) socio-technological system to develop and implement AI systems as part of a larger socio-technological system. Questions are arising about how to build fairness, inclusiveness, interpretability, privacy, and security into these systems, particularly because AI technologies are becoming more and more integrated in our everyday lives.  


  • Mark Neerincx, Professor Human-Centred Computing and Principal Scientist, TNO, e-mail: